Twitter cuts access to API affecting Twitter feeds

On the 4th April 2023 Twitter removed free API access to it's platform. Most Twitter feeds rely on this API in order to embed Twitter feeds on websites, we are no exception.  Twitter plan to charge $42,000 per month to developers who wish to access their API, naturally this has caused shockwaves across the industry and more importantly it means ... Read More »

5th Apr 2023
Scam Alert - Directory Related

Over the past week we've learned of two instances where a fake email has been sent out to local businesses purporting to be from the Parish Council.  The Directory is a useful feature that allows you to categorise and list local walks, places of interest, clubs & societies and so on. If your Parish Council lists local businesses on your ... Read More »

17th Feb 2023
A Simple Guide - Moving to Online Banking

Since 2020 and indeed the advent of Covid, we’ve witnessed the vast majority of Councils move away from cheques and more towards online payments. We realise that this can be a minefield and so we’ve put together a simple guide.    The reasons for moving to online banking are many, not least:   Section 150 (5) was repealed meaning that ... Read More »

26th Jan 2023
Royal Mail Industrial Action

Royal Mail have announced planned industrial action dates. As we’re still experiencing lengthy delays on receiving post, we can only imagine the disruption that this action will cause. 

We urge clients to consider alternative methods of payment to prevent disruption of service.

16th Aug 2022
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