In light of the recent news surrounding the Kings health, we reached our to the Custodian of the Royal Image Library who control the official images of the Royal family so that we can have the images in place and update the instructions on Operation Menai Bridge. Below is the reply that we have received today Wed 7th 2024. 


Thank you for your email regarding the new Official Portraits of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen but unfortunately, due to the recent news regarding The Kings health this may delay the release of the new Official portraits as the Palace staffs’ focus is being put onto handling enquiries relating to his health. The latest situation was that the image that has been released by The Cabinet Office for the free portrait for Council Offices will currently not be released for additional prints or usage, although this may change in the future. Also, even though there has been many conversations relating to the release of a new Official Portrait, which we were hoping would happen within the next couple of weeks, it now looks like this could be delayed unfortunately. Prior to the announcement the planned schedule was for the  release to be as follows - 


- Photographs were taken in December 2023

- Selection was made in December 

- The portraits were presented and approved by The King in the early part January and we are current awaiting the approval of The Queen

- Once approved, test prints will be made throughout February

- Portraits to be made available for general release at some stage during February / March

- No digital files will be released of the Official Portraits

- Once everything has been approved and we are ready to accept orders, you will receive an email giving you a link to our shopping cart showing where you will see the various Official images available, the print/mount size available, the finishing options such as mount only or framed print options. Once you have made your selection which includes the size and style of finish, you will then see how much each of the items costs. 


I would also like to confirm that you are on the list of those that need to be contacted once we have more news regarding the release of the new Official Portrait? Please continue to be patient.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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